AIDR800 Dehumidifier

Make – Advance



Dehumidification capacity (@ 30˚C, 80%)

4.70 kg/hr : 112.8 ltr p/day

Process air flow

850 m³/hr

Dehumidification capacity (@ 20˚C, 60%)

4.50 kg/hr : 108 ltr p/day

Static pressure at disposal

200 PA

Reactivation air flow

260 m³/hr

Static pressure at disposal

150 PA

Operating temperature range

-20˚C  up to 50˚C

Heater power

10.0 KW

Heater current

16.0 A


3 phase 380 V/50 Hz

Maximum electric consumption

12.0 KW


18 A


75 dB


120 kg

Quality/Safety Approval



  • Accurate camputer contral system
  • Timer function
  • Proflute Rotor, imported from Sweeden, washable
  • Delaytime protection circuit
  • Silence, economical, saving, and easy operation
  • Fault locator system
  • Cleanable air filters helps improve the quality of air being circulated through the system at the processing air entrance&reactivation air entrance
  • Easy installation and checking.
  • CNC machining structure process
  • Efficient absorption silica gel wheel
  • Control noise damping and shock absorption
  • Industrial flange for easy operation
  • Circuit breaker incorporated to minimize damage at high temperatures for electrical motor; heater and the drive wheel
  • Leakage protection safeguard for electrical motor; heater and the drive wheel
  • Unique seal design; Reduces air leakage
  • Dynamic balance design, ensures stable operation while moving
  • Able to operate in a wide range of temperatures from -20˚C + 50˚C heat
  • The design is in line with the requirements of IEC protection
  • Electrical design in accordance with international standards
Note:. The height of application are is 3 meter, the testing conditions in the lab is: ;T+20 deg C, RH 60%